TWS Title was founded by real estate attorney, Paul Younger, to provide an exceptional customer experience throughout the real estate closing process. At TWS Title, the customer is always first, and we can tailor the closing experience to the needs of the buyer, seller, real estate agent, lender, and other parties to the transaction. We strive to provide an on-time, efficient, and customer focused closing experience. 

Services Offered

Title search services that are fast, reliable and meet the State requirement of going back 30 years

Available separate from a closing transaction or title insurance purchase

Updated before closing

Assistance resolving minor issues can be provided

Title insurance provided by industry leading underwriters

All transactions are fully backed by insurance from start to finish

Title insurance is required for the vast majority of mortgage backed transactions

Title insurance is always recommended to protect your investment

Title insurance provides protection for issues affecting your rights to your property that are not revealed in a title search

Closings are scheduled for as soon as possible and scheduled for the convenience of all the parties

Drafts of documents provided before closing and executed copies provided after closing

Remote and after hours closings are available

233 E. Main St.

Suite 11

Farmington, AR 72730